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Correct charging method of electric vehicle lead-acid battery

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The taboo of lead-acid batteries is to charge them when they are completely discharged. In this case, the battery life will be greatly reduced. Do not perform deep discharge for many times. The so-called deep discharge refers to the power failure of electric vehicles. , After the under-voltage and power-off, it is absolutely impossible to continue to power on and drive, and the intermittent discharge of the battery of the electric vehicle will damage the battery. If the electric vehicle is under voltage and power off while driving, turn off the electric door lock and push the vehicle to drive. Hope to help you!

1. Charge when the battery indicator shows one third of the remaining battery.

2. The charging environment should be kept dry and tidy, and the charger should not be wrapped in plastic bags or plastic bottles, because it is very easy to burn when the charger cannot breathe.

3. Try not to use fast charging, if not necessary, do not use it more than twice within a month.

4. The charger is placed in a fixed place, do not bump it, even if it is carried, it must fully consider the bumps that cause failures.

5. Use the standard charger to charge.

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