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Stacked batteries

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Basic parameters of stacked batteries:

Cell material: lithium iron phosphate

Series parallel connection method (S series, P cake connection): 8S1P

Nominal voltage: 25.6V

Nominal capacity: 100Ah, parallel support: serial and parallel

Size (mm): 520 * 269 * 220 Weight: 34kg

Output port method: Anderson charging method: CC/cv

Charging current: 0.2C (standard)

ZUI high charging current: ZUI high 0.5C@25 °

Charging cutoff voltage: 29.2V

Discharge method: CC

Discharge current: 0.5C

ZUI high discharge current: ZUI high 1C@25 °

Discharge cut-off voltage: 22.4V

Charging working temperature: Charging 0~+50 ° C

Discharge working temperature: discharge -20~+55 ° C Shelf life: 36 months

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