Solar photovoltaic system


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high power

The application of multi-busbar half-chip technology improves energy density and brings higher output power.

High reliability

High reliability

Passed TUV certified salt spray and ammonia corrosion test, and passed 2400Pa wind

Load and 5400Pa snow load certification for enhanced reliability.

high profit

Effectively reduce the system BOS cost, achieve lower electricity cost, and improve project revenue.

rate of return.

low attenuation

Decrease less than 2.0% in the first year, with a linear decay of 0.55% per year for 25 years.

Low Hot Spot Risk

Adopt a new generation of battery technology and optimized circuit design to obtain better temperature coefficient and thermal resistance.

Low risk of cracking

Using multi-busbar technology, it has stronger anti-cracking ability and anti-breaking barrier ability.




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